Friday, July 13, 2012

Lake Argyle, near Kununurra

On our last full day in Kununurra we decided to visit Lake Argyle which is
seventy kilometres towards the east. This lake is Australia's largest
artificial lake and is part of the Ord River irrigation scheme.
Construction of the dam was completed in 1971 and is 335 metres long and 98
metres high. There are currently 150 square kilometres of farmland under
irrigation from this lake. Unfortunately, because of its geographical
position, Lake Argyle remains Australia's most under-utilised lake.

Fishing is popular in the lake and there is an estimate of 25,000 fresh
water crocodiles living in the lake. There are a limited number of salt
water crocodiles. As you can imagine, there is no swimming in the lake
however lake cruises are popular.

There is also a power station on the river. We stopped and had a picnic
lunch in the recreational grounds adjacent to the river. There are no
camping facilities at the river but there is a caravan park back further
along the access road.

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