Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Within Tunnel Creek

Once inside the tunnel it is really dark. There are pools of murky water
and sandy edges. Using the torch you can shine the light up to the roof and
along the walls of the cave. Of the pools were quite deep and I was most at
risk of getting my clothes wet as I am very short. I certainly had water
nearly to my crutch but fortunately saved my knickers from getting wet! As
for Peter, Jocelyn and Greg they are all much taller than me and just
thought it funny.

Fortunately the water was quite warm to walk through. There were some small
fish and other sea creatures swimming about in the water. I understand that
there is the odd little fresh water crocodile but we certainly didn't see
any, fortunately. Peter would have wanted to walk on water and get out
quick if he had seen any and certainly wouldn't have gone into the tunnel if
he had known of the possibility beforehand.

The walls and ceiling of the cave are pretty amazing but as it was very dark
inside the tunnel it was hard to photograph. About half way through the
tunnel the ceiling has caved in so some daylight comes in. Apparently
little bats come in and out of the cave and tree roots can be seen. There
are little waterfalls coming over the ledges on the sides and huge
stalactites dangling from the ceilings. All very impressive.

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