Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quandong Point

Quandong Point is about 45 kilometres from Broome, with about half of this
distance along the dusty corrugated road. As we turned off the main road to
James Price Point heading to Quandong Point the road deteriorated and was
quite rugged in areas. There is an area for free camping at Quandong Point
and there was an outback caravan in one area, and about four other groups
with tents and camper trailers in other areas. It looked a really pleasant
place to camp although there were no facilities at all.

We took the Patrol down on to the beach at one point. The sand was quite
soft and deep but no problems. Once down on the beach we went for a walk
along the rocky foreshore and Garey was happy to go looking for the various
size crabs, carrying their shells, scampering along the sand and rocks.

There was no shelter on the beach and we hadn't taken chairs with us so we
decided to head off the beach and find somewhere else to picnic. We didn't
see anyone else on the beach, although we could see the caravan in the
distance. It was just lovely. Did we swim? No, we paddled but the water
isn't as warm as it was further south in Exmouth so we gave that a miss.

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