Monday, June 18, 2012

Time for coffee - Whalesong Cafe

The camping area at Middle Lagoon is pretty basic - in fact bring what you
need or go without. The office did have very few supplies like two minute
noodles and weetbix but not much more. However, five kilometres along the
dusty road there was another Aboriginal settlement and there was a café and
we decided a visit was necessary. We were not disappointed with our
decision - Whalesong Café is well worth going too. Peter, Sharryn and Garey
all said the coffee was great, but for me a Mango Crush was much better.
Sharryn and Garey even enjoyed a large slice of apple and berry shortcake
which was easily big enough to share. Great café and really beautiful
views. Apparently it is open from 9 am to 3pm daily but will open for
groups for dinner on request. Certainly well worth a visit.

For Peter, it was time for some "business" as he took a business phone call
and returned a few messages. It is always good to get internet and
telephone coverage after a few days without.

The view of the Dampier Peninsula was beautiful from the café deck. Also
very interesting was the gully beside the café - we were not sure if this
was the result of water movement during the wet season or the normal gully
terrain but very different.

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