Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunset at Derby

We seem to have spent a fair amount of time lately looking at and
photographing sunsets. Every area seems to think that their sunset is the
most impressive and Derby is no different.

We have met up with Jocelyn and Greg Lay while here at Derby. We have been
friends with Jocelyn and Greg for a number of years now. They are New
Zealanders who shifted to Melbourne sometime before us and their daughter
Victoria is good friends with our niece, Sandra. Jocelyn and Greg left
Melbourne in April to travel for six months with their car and caravan and
have travelled up through the Centre while we have been travelling the west
coast. Our paths have now crossed and we are camping at the same caravan

With Jocelyn and Greg, and their dog Marley, we made our way down to the
jetty to watch the sunset over King Sound tonight. We walked out on the
jetty, where we were amongst a number of other tourists and locals enjoying
the view. Some folk were fishing, some sitting and eating fish and chips
for their dinner, and others just wandering along.

The tides in the King Sound are the highest in Australia with tidal
variations being as much as eleven metres.

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