Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Willie Creek, WA

On our way back to Broome we took another detour off the main James Price
Point road into Willie Creek. There is a Pearl Farm tourist venture based
at Willie Creek. We had decided that we wouldn't take the tour as we have
previously done a similar tour but we stopped and had a look in the gift
shop and coffee at the café. There was a tour group visiting while we were
in the café - obviously damper was a specialty of the café as there were
plates of damper spread with jam available for the tour members and the
damper recipe was on a sign post on the wall. Perhaps they were asked for
the recipe often.

Although not recommended by the Visitors Centre, it is possible to drive
with a 4wd vehicle from Cable Beach to Willie Creek. We enquired whether
this would be an option for us to return to Cable Beach, but the creek was
very wide and deep and there wasn't a bridge or similar to cross the creek,
so it was a no go for us. There were a few vehicles on the other side which
must have done the trip. At some stage during our stay we will drive from
the Cable Beach end.

The other interesting point about Willie Creek is that there is a clothing
optional section to the beach - I can confidently say that we will not be
swimming at that section of the beach.

There is free camping area at Willie Creek back from the Pearl Farm shop -
there were a few groups camping there.

We continued our trip back along the dusty red road to where it connects
with the Cape Leveque Road and back into Broome. We will be back along that
way when we travel to Cape Leveque later in the week.

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