Thursday, June 21, 2012

With Ollie our camel

When we planned to come to Broome I had mentioned to Peter that I would need
to ride on a camel on Cable Beach as I had seen lots of photos of them
walking along at sunset. Peter wasn't keen to join me, and neither was
Garey, but Sharryn was and so we booked for their last night in Broome.

We rode with "Ships in the Desert" and Sharryn and I rode on Ollie who was
the star of the movie "Australia". He is a large camel, and we thought we
had been allocated him to allow for our combined weight but we were
reassured when we were told that camels can carry about half of their own
body weight and we certainly don't weight 375 kilos between us.

I loved the photo of us in the shadow - can you tell which camel we are on?

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