Monday, June 18, 2012

Cooking marshmallows, Middle Lagoon

Where possible, camping and campfires go hand in hand. Wood was plentiful
but needed collecting from around the camp ground where there were lots of
small trees but long undergrowth. Neither Peter or Sharryn were prepared to
walk in the undergrowth for fear of snakes and other possibilities but Garey
and I, (mainly Garey I must say) collected wood and brought it back to the
campsite for our nightly camp fires.

Hand in hand with campfires comes cooking marshmallows and we had come
prepared, at least for one night. Twig forks soon got put to work and the
cooking and eating began. I much prefer my marshmallows "original" not warm
and squashy so I was happy to be the photographer.

Remember it is dark by 6 pm so there is plenty of evening to enjoy the
campfire and we sat each night playing cards (Peter thinks he remains the
Five Crowns champion) and with the help of insect repellent mainly kept the
mosquitos at bay. Camping with no power (there was power available in
sections of the camp ground but we hadn't taken one of those sites)
encourages people to go to bed early and often we were the only ones still
up at 9 pm. I think our neighbours went to bed around 7.30 pm most nights
but not us, we much prefer to sit playing cards and socialising in the

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