Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No gas petition James Price Point, WA

James Price Point which is about sixty kilometres north of Broome has been
in the news quite a bit lately. Woodside Petroleum have been preparing to
drill for gas at James Price Point and this has been opposed by the
traditional owners of the land. Court proceedings have been issued in the
Supreme Court in Perth. There have been local demonstrations and over the
last few weeks large numbers of police have been based in James Price Point
to control the demonstrating crowds.

We had previously decided not to visit James Price Point as we do not want
to get involved or caught up in any of the demonstrations. The road to
James Price Point also took us to Quandong Point, where we visited. We had
to stop at the turn off to reduce the air in the tyres as the road was dusty
and corrugated. There was a shelter at the corner and the demonstrators had
taken the opportunity to share their point of view and had placed a sign.
We have lots of memories of roads similar to this, but it was a first
experience for Sharryn and Garey.

Many of the locals in Broome are also against the project as they do not
want the township of Broome to be littered with mine vehicles, all
displaying their high viz flags, and the increase in moving population and
traffic in their leisurely holiday town.

We will watch the news with interest but certainly have some understanding
about their concerns.

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