Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our beach shelter, Kooljaman Resort

Some would call this really basic living, and yes it was, but it was
wonderful. We set up the two tents (leaving the tent fly off) inside the
sand floor beach shelters. The cold water shower and drinking water tap was
behind Garey and Sharryn's tent on the right hand side, and the picnic table
was in front of their tent. There was a metal fire ring with cooking plate
out the front. The communal flushing toilets and solar heated showers were
back down the track. This track took some walking as it was soft deep sand
- you couldn't leave your trek to the toilet too late as you would never
make it.

It was dark by 6 pm (and light again by 6 am) so we lit the camp fire each
night and sat outside playing Five Crowns (a card game). The stars were
amazing and the sound of the beach was constantly there (not always good for
the bladder at night let me tell you).

There were about eight or ten of these beach shelters scattered along the
waterfront. From here there was a wooden walkway and steps up the hill to
the various accommodation units and the camping ground. We thought we had
the best position as we were right on the water's edge and no long climb up
or down the hill to have a swim.

The shelters look rough but replace that word with rustic and perhaps
unique. We just loved it and happily paid slightly more than $100 per night
for the four of us to stay. Laying in bed in the morning we could see the
sea and Garey even watched the beautiful sunrise at 5.45 one morning - not
me, I was still in the land of nod so missed that.

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