Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cape Leveque

What did we do at Cape Leveque? Our main aim was to relax - Sharryn and
Garey had come on holiday away from really busy roles and were looking
forward to spending some time in the sunshine (with great company of
course), seeing some new places, and experiencing something of our trip
around Australia. Of course we just loved having them even though Peter
teased Garey constantly. It is just as well we are all such good friends
and know each other so well and can choose to ignore when it suits!

Besides drinking coffee in the café at the resort, and swimming, we explore
the Western beach, followed the four wheel drive track down on to and along
Eastern Beach, followed the board walk from the main accommodation area down
to the beach and saw the Aboriginal interpretative signs, and the boys
collected wood from the wood pile. Boy were Sharryn and I soon to learn the
risks that they had gone too to collect the wood - certainly don't see signs
like this in New Zealand. Fortunately it was only signs they saw and not
the real thing.

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