Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The washing fairy has arrived

Peter and I have travelled many times with our friends, Sharryn and Garey,
and always enjoy their company. These trips have included visits to many
parts of Europe and Australia and within New Zealand. When we were in
Margaret River earlier this year we spoke with them on the telephone and
suggested that Broome would be a good place for them to spend some time with
us, and within a few hours had responded with "we're in". So we booked
ahead and planned to arrive in Broome by the 1st June and they made bookings
to fly from wintry Wellington to join us.

We are just delighted that they will spend the next two weeks relaxing with
us in Broome and during that time we will take a tenting trip up to Cape

During our previous travels together Garey has been aptly named "the washing
fairy" as he is very good at collecting up the dirty washing, and after
sometime returning the clean clothes already folded etc to us. One of his
favourite appliances is his iron! We told him he didn't need to bring his
iron with him (even though his sister-in-law Linda has recently given him a
replacement iron) as we have one in the caravan but his services were still

He also just loves going off-roading on dusty roads and the trip to Cape
Leveque promises to provide plenty of opportunity for him to enjoy the trip.
So Peter planned that the best place for Garey's seat wasn't inside our
Patrol but safely secured on top of the roof rack and so with iron in his
right hand he happily sat up on his special chair. Thanks for coming to
stay with us Garey and it was good to see you had the washing out on the
line before sitting down on the job.

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