Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stuck on the road to Cape Leveque

We continued our journey back to Broome - there was no evidence that the
grader had been through a few days before and we bounced our way along the
corrugations. There was a bit of other traffic on the road - a few outback
caravans heading to possibly Middle Lagoon (as no caravans are allowed at
Kooljaman Resort), camper trailers and four wheel drive vehicles. Most
people are cautious on these roads, and drop their speed but inexperience is
always a problem.

We came around a bend in the road and saw a car and camper trailer stuck on
the side of the road. We pulled up to offer what assistance we could. The
lady was sitting in the car and her husband was busy digging and the body
language said it all! Apparently he had pulled over to lower his tyre
pressures (shame he hadn't thought about that earlier) and pulled into the
soft dust on the side of the road and couldn't move. He was busy digging
himself into holes and was very keen to get his yellow tracks which he had
borrowed in place. Without help he wasn't going to get moving so we thought
a tug was the best possibility. However another traveller soon stopped who
had a winch and with that he was able to be pulled out of the soft and back
on to the road. Hopefully he learned a lesson not to pull over into the
soft edges!

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