Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cable Beach, Broome

We are staying at Cable Beach which is about five kilometres from the main
centre of Broome. Cable Beach has about four caravan parks and many other
facilities for visitors from hotels to motels, BnBs, villas etc. There is a
section of sand dunes between the main road and the beach so the waterfront
cannot be seen as you walk or drive along it. However from our caravan park
we can follow a dusty walkway to the surf club and then down on to the beach

Our first visit to the beach was on Saturday afternoon around 4 pm. As we
walked down past the surf club there was one wedding, and from the beach we
could see another two wedding groups. Amongst this crowd were many others
in bathers, sitting under the umbrellas, playing beach games or just
strolling down the beach. The water was flat and the tide was well out. A
rather beautiful spot to say the least. It is hard to think it is actually
winter in Broome as it was 29 degrees and really pleasant. The forecast for
the next week is for fine sunny weather, around 30 degrees every day. Just
perfect for us!

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