Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Mile Dinner Camp at Derby

Our photos of the boab at sunset was taken at "One mile dinner camp" in
Derby. This historic area was the midway point, and therefore food time, as
drovers took cattle from the Kimberley stations to the ships at the Derby
wharf. They would stop at the trough near the prison boab tree (photos in
earlier blog) and the next stop would be the One Mile Dinner Camp. Here
they stopped until the ship berthed and then they would walk the cattle
along the pastoral trail across the mud flats.

There was no cattle anywhere near One Mile Dinner Camp when we visited along
with a few other tourists and I am sure the area is like that every night as
shots of the boab tree are captured. No one seemed very interested in the
history of the area which was a bit of a shame.

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