Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Camels on Cable Beach

Perhaps the most popular scene of Cable Beach in Broome is the camels
walking along the beach with the sunset behind.

We have now been down to the beach two nights in a row to watch the sunset.
Our neighbour in the caravan park had suggested we head down to the Cable
Beach Club bar and get a seat out front and enjoy the sunset from there so
we took up that suggestion. Well we were mistaken if we thought we were
going to get a seat when we arrived at 4.30 p.m. on a public holiday. It
seemed that nearly everyone in Broome was down at the park area, and perhaps
30% of them wanted a seat at that same bar. We soon gave up on that idea
and took the Patrol down on to the beach (which is allowed) and drove about
500 metres along and parked. From here we could see the three groups of
camels beginning their walk back up the beach and there timing was perfect
for the sunset.

Sharryn and I plan to go on the camel ride while we are here, but neither
Peter or Garey are interested. They will have to be the photographers.
Sitting at the beach in the twilight is a perfect way to spend an early
evening. Interestingly, the sunset is around 5.30 pm and it is quite dark
by 6 pm. We are much more accustomed to the long twilight of New Zealand
and Melbourne.

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