Sunday, June 17, 2012

The lone poo collector

There are three separate companies that provide camel rides on Cable Beach
and these are always popular. There are sunrise rides (we haven't seen them
as we haven't been on the beach that early), and then afternoon, early
evening and then the most popular the sunset ride. There are about fifteen
camels in each group and we have been told that they are all originally wild
from Central Australia. There is no sign of any wild behaviour now and they
are all extremely placid. Each group has about four or five staff members
with one person leading the camels and the others assisting the riders,
taking photos etc.

I am sure that the most unpopular task, which seems to be rotated daily, is
that of the tail end Charlie - the poo collector. Each camel wears a poo
bag but the odd dropping still happens and the poor poo collector has the
task of following behind carrying his bag and picking up the poo. Still the
photo in the sunset looks quite impressive. I am not sure how many people
are that interested in the poo collector but I was!

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