Monday, June 25, 2012

Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge is a National Park and is accessed on a side road off the
Gibb River Road. There are many day trips from both Broome and Derby taking
tourists into the gorge. We had left Derby around 8.30 am and arrived at
the gorge by 10 am before it got too hot. The walk the length of the gorge
is about seven kilometres but the last kilometre was closed off due to
damage from the last wet season.

There are a couple of excellent camping facilities and there were quite a
few campers set up. We made use of the day facilities and we were very
surprised to find that there were flushing toilets and cold water taps -
quite unusual for somewhere so far from a town and we are quite used to the
normal environmental toilets.

The Lennard River runs through the gorge and there was plenty of water in
the river. During the dry season apparently it mainly dries up and forms
pools surrounded by the trees. The cliffs of the gorge reach about one
hundred metres high in some places. It was part of an ancient barrier reef.

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