Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gantheaume Point, Broome

After setting up camp at Palm Grove Caravan Park in Broome, and a good
night's sleep after Sharryn and Garey's long flight (three flights in all)
from Wellington we headed out to explore Broome.

We had heard that the races were on and our initial plan was to go to the
races. However, when we arrived soon after 11 am we found that we were just
a little on the early side as the first race wasn't until around 2 p.m. We
followed the dusty track near the race course which took us to Gantheaume
Point. There is a lighthouse (where a couple of osprey have made a nest
high on one of the landings) and then a very impressive rocky point. The
rocks are amazing colours and looked even more impressive against the blue
of the bay behind. In the distance we could see Cable Beach.

We were now into tourist mode and when we found that there was a $30
entrance fee to get into the races we decided to be tight ........ and give
that a miss. We wouldn't have minded $10 or $20 each but not $30. We have
since heard that it was a great afternoon so perhaps we missed out on a good

Instead we headed down to the Port to enjoy a leisurely picnic.

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