Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old Fitzroy C rossing

After we had been to Geike Gorge we made one more stop on our way back to
the caravan.

A few kilometres out of Fitzroy Crossing township (which has a population of
just over one thousand people of which two thirds are Indigenous) is the
site of the old Fitzroy crossing townsite. These are now a few unused
buildings. The most important structure still standing is the old low level
crossing of the wide river. This is still passable during the dry season
but is obviously very limited during the wet season.

As we drove down the hill towards the river there were a group of girls
standing on the concrete crossing. They were keen to chat to us and were
very friendly. They were between nine and eleven and said that they went
down to the crossing every day after school. They occasionally swam in the
river (although the signage said not too), some people fished and they
generally just mucked around. They were keen to have their photo taken and
willingly gave their permission. As we pulled off slowly to drive across
the concrete crossing two of the girls stood on the bumper of the car and it
was just as well a little fellow told us or we would have had passengers.

It was around thirty degrees today but the girls said it was too cold to go
swimming (it is cool overnight and in the early mornings) and they have to
beware of crocodiles.

As we crossed the river (in which another little kid was playing in) we
spoke to a European lady who was walking with her two little boys in the
water. Obviously they were not too concerned about the possibility of

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