Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spectacular boab tree at sunset

We knew very little about the boab tree before we visited Derby and the
Kimberley district. Our knowledge was limited to tourist brochures with the
boab tree on them, a photo of a boab tree winning a competition depicting
the Kimberley area, and photos and postcards of amazing boab trees. We can
now understand why as they are just so spectacular and everyone is

One of the most common views of the boab tree is at sunset so we were not
going to miss out on the opportunity to have our own photographs. There are
numerous trees to choose from but we went along with a most popular tree
near One Mile Dinner Camp which overlooks the mud flats which surrounds
Derby township. Perhaps not as good a photo as those taken by professionals
but we were happy with them.

The change in the colours was quite amazing. These photos were taken
between 5.30 and 6 pm - early sunset but remember it is winter!

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