Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre

There are three groups of local Aboriginal people in the Derby area - the
Worrorra, the Ngarinyin and the Wunumbul people and they consider the
Wandjina is the supreme spirit being, the creator of all life. These people
and their ancestors have been painting Winjina figures on rock walls, in
river gorges and on bark for millions of years. An art centre has now been
set up so that this unique style of Australian indigenous art can be shown.
We visited the art centre today and really enjoyed watching a DVD put
together to explain the art.

This art is main of figures and heads but interestingly the faces only have
eyes and noses and no mouths. No photography is allowed within the Art
Centre so we couldn't take any photos. However, I did buy some cards of
some of the paintings and have taken photos of the cards to share on the

The prices of the paintings were varied from a few hundred dollars through
to $15,000 or more.

Hopefully over the next few days we will see some of the paintings in the
rocks and gorges as we visit some of the gorges along the Gibb River Road

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