Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stairway to the moon

During the time we have been in Broome we have been able to see the
"Stairway to the Moon". This natural phenomenon happens for three days a
month and can be seen from Town Beach in Broome. Many visitors to the
Broome area plan their visit to see the stairway. We took ourselves twice
down to the beach to watch. The first night we had gone early thinking we
may need to be in a certain area to get a good view and there was a market
on so we could waste a bit of time there.

There were hundreds of people sitting in the dark waiting for the moon to
rise and we were all a little disappointed. Firstly we had sat looking the
wrong direction and then clouds shaded most of the reflective light and
there was no staircase to be seen. Still the markets were interesting and
we have all the time in the world!

The next night the moon was to rise at 8.30 so we had dinner first and
headed down to the beach knowing where to look. It was a much better view
and we could get a good view of the staircase. Unfortunately the photos we
took were not great and we didn't want to cheat by taking a photo of a
postcard or similar.

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