Friday, October 19, 2012

Wollongong and Kiama, NSW

On Wednesday it was time to pack up again - we are so used to it now that we
can complete the task very quickly. We were not in a particular hurry to
leave as the house owners were not due home until early evening and we
didn't want to leave the dogs alone all day. So after some housework and
grocery shopping we gave Cleo and Patra a final pat good-bye and commenced
our journey leaving Stanhope Gardens at around 1 p.m. Again, we have had a
great experience house sitting.

The GPS took us via the M7 which is a toll way but was only about one
kilometre from the house so our departure from Sydney was really easy. We
had a long trip ahead of us! We planned initially to drive to Wollongong
which is about 120 kilometres. However, after wandering the coastline and
seeing the lighthouse we decided to continue south a little and stayed
overnight at Kiama which is still in NSW.

Kiama is a pretty small seaside town and at this time of the year seems to
be inundated with "seniors". We had made the decision that we only have six
nights between Sydney and our planned arrival in Melbourne so we will forget
about putting up the tent, and we will motel. So we booked into a motel and
then walked the coastline. From our motel we had a lovely view of one of
the bays and the surfers were out as the waves were a decent size. From
here we followed the coastline north and walked to see the blowhole. It was
about 6 pm and with the big waves there was a reasonable display from the
blowhole. Apparently when the weather is rough it is pretty spectacular.

Along the coast a little further there is a natural rock pool for swimming.
It didn't look inviting that day but would be great on a nice day. The
waterfront opposite the shopping centre is set out with parklands and there
were groups enjoying BBQ's and picnic tea - very pleasant.

We only stayed one night and next morning after a leisurely look around the
shops and enjoying the holiday atmosphere we hit the road yet again. Next
stop Batemans Bay.

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