Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mallacoota, Vic

We stayed overnight at Mallacoota. We had heard about Mallacoota quite a
bit as good friends from Box Hill holidayed in the area each year.
Mallacoota is about twenty five kilometres off the highway and is on the
coast and there are many lakes in the area also. Unfortunately there was a
cold wind so we didn't do too much exploring.

There is a large council caravan park in Mallacoota bordering the
waterfront. Apparently there are over 800 power sites at this park and we
were surprised to see it was nearly full. We then learned that there was a
caravan club muster on and over 300 caravans had arrived on Friday and more
were arriving each day. This would be a great financial boost to the area
in an otherwise quiet time of the year and it is just a shame the weather is
not being kinder.

We went to Bastion Point and then to Bafkta Beach before going to see the
WWII bunker. Unfortunately the bunker museum wasn't open as it only opens
to the public on Tuesdays. It is very well maintained and Peter would have
enjoyed going inside.

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