Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surfside Beach, Batemans Bay

It was tempting to just stay around our resort in Batemans Bay however we
decided we had better go a little further afield. As we would be travelling
south we headed back north a little to visit Surfside Beach. Again there
were a few people in the water and others looking around the rock pools.

Our main point of coming to this beach was to visit the reserve at
Cullendulla Creek. We had been told about the walk to the reserve when we
had visited the Information Centre. The walk is a board walk, and not long
in length at all, but meanders through the mangroves to a beach area. This
area is chenier dunes which are ridges of sand which form parallel to the
retreating shoreline. The notice told us that the area is of outstanding
scientific interest and has been studied by scientists from around the
world. To us it didn't look any different from other rock/sand pools by the
sea but at least we visited.

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