Thursday, October 25, 2012

Philip Island

Philip Island has been a favourite spot in the years that we have lived in
Victoria and we have visited a number of times. As we are uncertain when we
will next be in the area we decided we should take the opportunity and stop
off. From San Remo there is a bridge creating a causeway to Philip Island
and it always looks quite impressive. We have never stopped in San Remo
before, as we always want to get to our destination on Philip Island, so
this time we did. There are a number of shops in the village and a nice
foreshore area. As it was Monday, and not the best weather, there were not
too many people about.

Up and over the causeway and we were on Philip Island and headed to Cowes.
There are a number of new shops in the village with a large new Woolworths
all finished ready for the influx of visitors over the summer period. We
made our way straight down to the jetty and took some exercise walking along
the coastline. There were a few walkers about and a large school group but
the cold wind was still present so not that pleasant really. We had
initially thought we would book into a motel and stay over but it wasn't
that appealing and as we have visited a number of times there wasn't
anything new to explore so made the decision that we would drive on to
Melbourne which is only about one hour away.

Before moving on to Melbourne we drive down to see "The Nobbies" area once
again. It is near here that the popular penguin parade is held each night.
We didn't see any penguins but we did see a family of ducks out scavenging
on the roadside.

There were some mighty big waves crashing the coastline and lots of black
bodies bobbing around as the surfers tried for the best waves. They
certainly needed their wetsuits to retain their body temperature!

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