Sunday, October 14, 2012

Byron Bay

Our first stop off point on our trip south from the Gold Coast was at Byron
Bay. We were particularly keen to visit the lighthouse area as this is the
most easterly point of Australia. We will have now visited North, South,
East and West.

Although it was Monday morning, and the new school term commenced today
there were still lots of visitors in Byron Bay. The small shopping street
was very busy, and there was no parking especially for a vehicle with a
trailer. The trailer is certainly heaps smaller than the caravan but still
takes more room than the standard angle car park. The esplanade is behind
the shopping strip and fortunately we found a park where we could pull the
front of the Patrol up on to the footpath and there was sufficient room for
the trailer. We enjoyed a wander along the beach and the esplanade - lots
of alternative lifestylers around but I think Byron Bay is a bit known for

From the beach we could see the lighthouse on the hill in the distant so
that was our next stop. We wound our way up the hill - just as well we
didn't have the caravan as the signs advised that caravans weren't allowed
up to the lighthouse and it would have been a long walk. When we got to the
top of the hill unfortunately the car park was near to full and there wasn't
any parking for the trailer so while Peter went back down the hill I walked
the tracks enjoying the coastline and the lighthouse and then followed the
track back down the hill to meet up with Peter.

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