Saturday, October 6, 2012

Peter returns from Townsville

Peter has now returned from Townsville on Wednesday afternoon - he had a
good trip with no problems. He said he was a little sad to leave the
caravan behind but our bank balance is certainly healthier for the deposit.
We have dreams of buying a campervan in the USA at some stage now that our
son is going to live in North Carolina so perhaps the sale of the Sterling
will fund a smaller caravan in Australia and a campervan in the USA?

We knew that we only really had a little more than twenty four hours to sort
out our gear and be ready to move on. However the home owner telephoned
early on Thursday morning to ask if we could be flexible and stay until
Sunday. We can certainly be flexible and were very glad that we had more

This meant that we could have Thursday relaxing and Peter could have a look
around the area. As we drove into Surfers Paradise on Thursday afternoon
(note not on the bus now that Peter is home) we stopped as we drove across
the bridge near the house and took photos of the landscape - a totally
different scene to some of our other photos in the outback areas of
Australia. Our trip has certainly taken us to many diverse areas.

Pete is enjoying staying in this lovely house and has been watering all the
gardens and scooping the pool of leaves. There is a pool serviceman who
comes to clean the pool regularly but he hasn't been since we have been here
so Peter has taken on the task even though the filter turns on with a timer.
I think it reminds him of caring for our pool back in Upper Hutt all those
years ago.

The weather is warming up and we are heading to thirty degrees by the
week-end. We will now be here to enjoy it.

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