Saturday, October 6, 2012

Staying on the Gold Coast

Peter has driven north and I stayed on at Broadbeach Waters. We are staying
in a beautiful home on one of the many water canals and we can see the high
rises of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach across the water. It is a tough

Saffron is an eleven year old poodle who is suffering with arthritis and
congestive heart failure in her old age. She is still a sweetie and is very
much a shadow when I am home. She has her own routine and is more than
happy to sleep on her cushion when I go out. She is certainly not hard to
look after and fortunately is not missing her owner too much so is eating

There are a number of areas in this house to be able to sit and enjoy the
atmosphere - each of course with Saffron's company. It is so relaxing by
the pool or looking out across the water. I have spent my day pottering in
the garden pulling the odd weed, keeping the tiled areas (which there are
many) swept of the leaves that blow in the wind, watering and reading. Also
after months of basically no television to have Foxtel and all the local
channels it is not difficult to find something to watch when the need is

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