Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hawkesbury River region

As we have visited Sydney a number of times there were few areas that were
new to us. On the Sunday it was a reasonable day so we decided to take the
tourist drive up the Hawkesbury River region. This took us through a number
of small historic towns including Windsor where there is a large RAAF base
with plenty of planes on the tarmac.

We soon crossed the Hawkesbury River - this crossing was further down the
river from most of the tourist areas where the house boats are moored. The
Richmond bridge was built in 1905 and was the replacement for the first
timber bridge built across the Hawkesbury River in 1860.

We continued further up the hills (this is part of the Blue Mountains
National Park) to the small settlement of Bilpin which is an apple growing
area. We stopped off at one of the fruit stalls but instead of buying
apples we bought a large bag of oranges - not sure if they were grown
locally (although the sign said all local grown fruit) but they were
certainly nice and juicy.

We eventually arrived at the Mount Tomah Botanical Garden where we enjoyed
lunch before wandering the gardens. There were a number of classic car in
the car park as a local club were visiting following a rally.

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