Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back in Melbourne

After walking the board walk at The Nobbies we headed for Melbourne - it
seemed sad to think that we were on the very last drive of our trip around
Australia. However, in other ways it was good to be back.

We are house sitting for three weeks in Wheelers Hill and about an hour
after leaving Philip Island we were here - we purposely pulled over as we
came off East Link to take a photo of the GPS showing that we only had 750
metres to go. After close to 50,000 kilometres we were safely back in

We had the ceremonial turn off of "Spot" the EPIRB which we have named
Malcolm after our good friend who kept a regular track of our travels -
thanks Malcolm it was always good to know that you were checking up on us.

Of course at the end of any journey is the task of unpacking - we are
fortunate to be able to housesit for our friends Jocelyn and Greg who have
returned to NZ for a month. This has meant that Peter was able to back the
trailer into the garage and unload into three piles - goods to be returned
to NZ by freight, stuff to be retained in Australia for our travels next
year and stored until then and then the pile which needed sorting to give
away, sell or dispose of.

We have had an amazing trip and we will do a separate entry with some
statistics of our trip and learnings etc. We hope that you have enjoyed
following our trip and that it may give some inspiration to others to
undertake something similar.

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