Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eden, NSW

Continuing south we stopped off at Merimbula and then Pambula. Both of
these areas are popular holiday spots and there were a lot of people
wandering around. It was really windy so although we had initially thought
we would stop overnight in Merimbula we decided to move on to Eden.

We were keen to stop off at Eden as our nephew, Danny, is planning on rowing
a double Pacific crossing from New Zealand to Australia early next year. At
this stage he plans to commence his return row to New Zealand from Eden and
we will try and be there to see him leave. This was a good opportunity to
familiarise ourselves with the area.

We also had another reason to be pleased we stopped at Eden - we went up to
the lookout. There we joined about a dozen other people and we soon had
the binoculars out as the whales were out playing off the coast. They were
much easier to see from this vantage point and if you look really clearly in
the photo you can see two whales. We would have seen about ten whales from
this area and it was great to see them as we have missed them in the west
and also at Hervey Bay. We can at least now say we have seen the whales
during their migration north.

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