Sunday, October 21, 2012

Historic Genoa bridge, Vic

We stopped off at Genoa as we rejoined the Princes Highway. There is a
heritage listed bridge which was built in 1905. This bridge would have
transported many people by foot, horse and horse drawn vehicle, and cars
over the years. It was taken out of use and many of the local people
petitioned to retain the bridge rather than have it demolished by the road
board. It was heritage listed in 1995 and restored in 1997.

The first section of the bridge has been lost during a flood and there is
now a steel ramp to the original bridge. It is showing significant signs of
age and wear but has been reinforced with concrete and steel. Still it was
a bit creepy walking across it especially when Peter said I would be dead if
the bridge collapsed and I fell into the river! He is so kind.

The village of Genoa did not look too impressive - an old but still
functioning hotel, a café which was closed today, a block of old motels
which didn't look as though they had been in use for years and two or three
old houses. Apparently there was quite a village here in years gone by.

We have now moved on to Lakes Entrance and the cold wind has remained with
us but fortunately no rain. We have booked into another motel right on the
esplanade. We took a walk along the esplanade to see the many fishing boats
tied up. All the walkers were rugged up in coats and jackets and winter
clothes - do we really want to be back in Victoria? What has happened to

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