Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saying good bye to the caravan

Through a website that we are registered with we had arranged to housesit
for five days in Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast. As it happened this
was very fortunate. We took the caravan to Broadbeach and spent the first
afternoon emptying it of our personal gear into the garage and early next
morning Peter left to return to Townsville and I stayed at Broadbeach Waters
enjoying a beautiful home on the waterfront canal and caring for a teacup
poodle, Saffron.

It was sad to say good-bye to the caravan even though we are confident that
we have made the right decision to sell. We are staying at Broadbeach
Waters house sitting for just a few days and then we have three weeks to
reach Melbourne and will either use our trusty tent, cabins, motels or
perhaps another short stint of house sitting. Time will tell.

We were amazed at how much gear we had in the caravan - our first task once
Peter returns will be to decide how we are going to get it all back to

At least we know that Peter will have a much lighter trip north with nothing
in the caravan. He thinks it will take two days to drive to Townsville and
will stay overnight in the caravan on the way north. The drive back will be
quicker however he will have to overnight in a motel and there are still all
those road works to contend with. At this rate he should be back at
Broadbeach Waters by Wednesday, then sort out our gear to travel south and
we move on again on Friday. Looks as though I will be driving from here to
give him a rest!

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