Saturday, October 6, 2012

Peter lending a hand - Main Beach Spit

The homeowner made contact again today - Sunday has now become Monday. In
all we will have been here nine nights unless she extends again. It is just
as well we can be flexible with our own travel arrangements. We will enjoy
her home for another day.

One afternoon we drove out to the Spit area north of Main Beach. This is a
narrow strip of land with lots of boating and recreational activities like
wind surfing, paddle boarding etc. As we drove along the road around the
spit we were approached by a young guy asking for help. He had recently
purchased a new car and was showing it off to his girlfriend and another
girl. However, he had pulled down one of the sandy tracks and was well and
truly stuck. He certainly didn't have access to four wheel drive to help
him get out and needed help.

Just as well Peter is a willing helper so out came the strop strap and the
owner and Pete were down on the ground looking for somewhere to hook too.
With the axle being the only choice the shovel had to come down off the roof
of the Patrol for some digging of the sand - the first time the shovel has
had to come off the roof throughout our trip. We are far from the outback
where we thought it might be needed. With strop in place Peter was able to
gently pull the car out from the sand. The young guy was so grateful that
there was no damage to his lovely new car and he didn't have a bill with the
local tow company.

Good old Peter! He has certainly been a good Samaritan.

We spent Saturday at home during the day and then went out for dinner at
Jupiters in the evening. It is our 39th wedding anniversary today - we have
lots of fabulous good memories and many dreams for the future. We had
chosen Jupiters Casion which is close by but were disappointed with the
restaurants. We had expected there to be a choice similar to the Crown in
Melbourne where there are numerous restaurants but obviously we have been
spoilt - we were sorely disappointed. Still we had an enjoyable evening out
even though we gave a miss on spending in the casino.

It has been 31 degrees today and the temperature for Sunday is expected to
hit 35 degrees. It is lovely to be in the warmth again.

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