Saturday, October 6, 2012

At Home in The Gold Coast & Exploring the Gold Coast

At Home in The Gold Coast
 The house pool at Broadbeach Waters
 Jetty looking towards Surfers Paradise
I am really a bit of a homebody and one of the things I really enjoy is being home all day without the need to go out.  We have occasionally had a full day at the caravan but that always seemed different.  As it is now six months since we stayed in a house (other than during our visit to Melbourne in August) while we were house sitting in Perth in April it was great to be able to relax with room around me and no neighbours.  Although there are neighbouring houses on both sides they are very private and I can't see or hear anyone. The only occasional noise is from a boat or jet ski travelling up the canal or river.  
Deck looking across canal at Broadbeach Waters
 So while Peter was away I spent one full day "at home" and really enjoyed it.  It is nice not to always go out and this house is far from unpleasant to spend time in.   Homeowners are very trusting and we are really fortunate.  We try and repay the owners by ensuring the home is well maintained in their absence and their pet is well cared for. 
 A lazy Saffron - teacup poodle at Broadbeach Waters
View of house from deck Broadbeach Waters

Exploring the Gold Coast
I am quite happy to catch public transport and the bus service is very good
and easy to follow. I have even bought myself a "Go card" which besides
providing discounted travel which is only available for Go card holders
(especially for seniors!) allows travel with no need to purchase individual
tickets with cash as they are loaded via the internet. The great majority
of the passengers have the cards which are swiped as you get on and on the
bus and as they have a ten year time frame will be okay for any future
visits to South East Queensland.

One of our holidays in this area we stayed at Main Beach which is at the
northern end of the esplanade. I decided it was time to again explore this
area so caught the bus. It took about half an hour to reach Main Beach
where I stopped off at Tedder Avenue shopping precinct for a coffee and then
on the bus again to Sea World - I didn't pay to go in as I had been
previously and it was the middle of the afternoon and you really need a full
day to enjoy it. Next stop was at the Mariner shopping village and then
back on the bus home. It was a full few hours and really enjoyable.

I didn't think to take many photos - sorry about that. Main Beach has as
many high rises now as further along the coast. There is a caravan park
(apparently owned by the council) on the esplanade and the caravans were
packed in tight as it is school holidays. Temperatures were still in the
early twenties and the day was quite cloudy but this didn't stop the
holidaymakers from heading to the beach. Too cool for me!

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