Saturday, October 20, 2012

Staying in Batemans Bay

As I have said in an earlier blog, we have chosen to stay in motels during
our trip from Sydney to Melbourne via the Princes Highway. It is very easy
to drive this distance in one long day but we have chosen to do it over six
days so we are driving relatively short distances each day (about 200 kms)
and having the opportunity to divert as we want and get to our destination
early in the day.

Our next stop was at Batemans Bay. We booked into the Coach House Marina
Villas - this is a facility offering about one hundred individual villas of
various sizes plus restaurant and pool etc. We had a lovely one bedroom
villa and it was so nice that we decided to stay for two days. It was a bit
of a shame that a large group of guys arrived for a golfing week-end and
were booked into the villas near us on the second night. They forgot that
their deep voices travelled, had the music up far too loud and after being
up half the night were up again at 6 am getting ready to go to golf for tee
off at 7 a.m. Not great neighbours! It certainly put us off staying a
third night - we must be getting old!

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