Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Nobbies, Philip Island, Victoria

The Nobbies is at the southern end of Philip Island with the nobbies being
the two small islands off the coast. There are wooden steps and walkways
around the cliffs to give vantage points to look out. We have visited a
number of times and there have been large colonies of seals present but
there were no seals at all on Monday.

Some of the walkways were closed off as protection for the seagulls which
were nesting - there were certainly heaps of seagulls swooping around and it
was a matter of watching your head for any droppings coming your way.

Under the walkways there are also nesting boxes for the penguins and at
times you can see the penguins sitting on the nest. We couldn't see any but
there were tracks leading into the nesting boxes.

The last time we visited The Nobbies the information centre and café were
closed and we understood this venture had been a financial failure. It
still looked as though it was closed with very little activity around, but
closer checking found the souvenir shop open and the café had been open but
was by then closed for the day.

There were a few tourists about but everyone was very windblown - not a
pleasant place to be but at least it wasn't raining. Obviously from my
photo I looked rugged up against the wind, have the cares of the world by my
frown and generally keen to get going and not stand to have my photo taken!

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