Saturday, October 6, 2012

Esplanade at Surfers Paradise

With Peter and the car away I soon found the local transport arrangements.
There is just a couple of hundred metres walk to the bus stop and although
it took me a few minutes to work out which direction I wanted to take I was
soon as Pacific Fair which is one of the large shopping centres on the Gold
Coast. We have visited this shopping centre previously and as I am not a
great shopper I decided to get another bus to Surfers Paradise, which is
just a few minutes north.

We have holidayed in Surfers Paradise at least three times previously so I
am quite familiar with the area. I joined the many holidaymakers (besides
the area always having lots of visitors it is school holidays in Queensland,
NSW, Victoria and New Zealand so you can imagine the crowds of families) and
wandered down to the esplanade. It was not a particularly warm day (just 24
degrees with quite a breeze blowing) but there were lots of people on the
beach and even some swimmers. There is now a huge wheel amongst the high
rises. The wheel is built on top of the Surfers Paradise transit building
and didn't appear to be operating. Checking the internet since I see that
there has been a recent Supreme Court hearing and that the wheel is in
receivership - I don't know any more than that but it seems a shame to have
it and it not being used and enjoyed. I for one would have paid to go on it
as the views must be amazing. Cavill Avenue shopping precinct was a busy
place especially the many eateries. I enjoyed walking along the esplanade
in both directions for quite a distance and then decided it was time to head
back as it was the first time I had left Saffron and didn't want to be away
too many hours.

I needed have been concerned - Saffron was still on her cushion watching the
front gate and was very keen to see me and have some company. Entry to the
house is via a locked front gate so is very secure. No one can enter the
property without a key or ringing the gate intercom. In the time I have
been here there has been only one visitor and as that was a religious group
I didn't even bother to answer the intercom! Shame on me.

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