Sunday, October 21, 2012


Saturday morning we were on the road again heading south. We followed the
scenic drive from Batemans Bay and then stopped at Narooma on the coast as
we had been told this was a likely place to see the whales migrating north.

We were in luck. From our position near the golf course which is on the
highest cliff section we could see the whales in the distance. We had to
use the binoculars to be able to see them as they were quite a long way off
sure but at least we could see them. I did try to take some photos but
unfortunately the whales couldn't be seen in them.

From here we continued on to Bega - it was here that for the first time we
were directed over by the police and Peter had to blow in the bag. It was
mid-afternoon and he hadn't had anything to drink so we were allowed to
continue on our way. I did think of quickly getting the camera and taking a
photo as Peter as blowing but wasn't sure that the policeman would be too
keen so didn't.

Bega is a well-known town in Australia due to the brand of cheese named
after it. There has been a cheese factory in the town of Bega since the mid
1800's and the cheese is widely available in Australian supermarkets. The
factory was closed but the popular museum and café is open seven days a week
so we were able to visit. Tasting in the cheese shop then upstairs to the
museum. One of the original cheese factories in the area is now on display
- it was operational from 1869 to 1910 and there were about forty similar
factories in the area. The buildings had slab walls and shingle roofs.

There was also a historic cheese wagon on display - do you remember these
wagons or cans being in use?

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