Friday, October 19, 2012

Hyams Beach towards Jervis Bay NP, NSW

Our travel today was only about 150 kilometres following the Princes
Highway. We extended this trip, as we often do, by detouring a few times.

Jervis Bay is a national park on the coastline. We detoured off the highway
and made our way to the National Park but never quite got there but instead
stopped off at Hyams Bay. What a pretty holiday spot. It seemed that most
of the homes (of which there were only say a couple of hundred) were holiday
homes and shut up. There is only one shop, a café, which was popular for
the travellers.

The sand on the beach is nearly grey/white and it reminded us of walking on
the sand at Squeaky Beach at Wilsons Prom in Victoria. With every step on
the sand there was a squeak. We wandered down the beach and Peter kicked
off his shoes to go wading, but soon changed his mind. He said the water
was freezing. No wonder there was only one person game enough to get in the
water. Mind you there were only two other groups and us on the beach so it
was lovely and peaceful.

After a short visit we moved on visiting some of the other bays and then
back on to the highway and made our way to Bateman Bay which is a much
larger holiday area on the coast. Again we are staying in a motel / villa
and will stay for a couple of nights.

The weather has been pleasant but much cooler than up north. The
temperature over the last few days have been around 20 - 23 degrees.

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