Monday, September 24, 2012

Woorim Beach, Bribie Island

On previous visits to the Sunshine Coast we have never gone to Bribie Island
so we went there today. It is about seventy kilometres each way from where
we are staying at Alexandra Headland (much further than I initially thought)
and required us to go via Caloundra. Once we passed the industrial areas of
Caloundra the road continues through forested rural area and eventually
reaches the coast. Here there is a bridge joining Bribie Island to the
mainland. It was built in 1963.

Bribie Island is 34 kilometres long and 8 kilometres at its widest. Most of
the island is uninhabited national park. Our first stop was at Banksia
Beach which is on the northern end. This area is becoming very populated
with many large homes being built on manmade canals. There are schools on
the island and quite a large shopping area serving the population of between
16,000 and 20,000.

From Banksia we went to the most established area called Woorim which is on
the island's surf side. The day started out really nice so many others had
obviously decided to visit Woorim today. We had a picnic lunch and then
went down to the beach. I had thought I would go swimming and got changed
ready but the life guards had signs out saying there was a small risk of
stingers, and although the conditions were "mellow" there were
undercurrents. I decided I was better to wade in the shallows!

The day started to deteriorate and the temperature dropped as the skies
turned grey. We were in for a summer storm - the thunder rolled around the
hills and there were a few lightening flashes and large drops of rain
started to fall. We decided it was time to head for the caravan as the roof
vents were all up. Fortunately we arrived back before the rain and although
the thunder and the lightening continued for a while the rain never set in.

We finished our day by returning to Mooloolaba and walked the beach and
foreshore before wandering the shops. We had thought of calling into the
surf club for a drink and perhaps a meal but Peter's singlet didn't meet the
club's dress standard so we were out of luck so it was dinner back at the
caravan. Life is tough!

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