Monday, September 10, 2012

Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

After meeting up with Jordan we caught the island bus to Horseshoe Bay.
Unfortunately Jordan was uncertain what time the crew members were going to
arrive on the island so thought he should hang around near the yacht to meet
up with them.

The bus trip to Horseshoe Bay takes about fifteen minutes - this is the last
stop for the bus. The bay is really nice and there are restaurants and
shops along the esplanade. There were a number of water sport activities
available such as jet skiing, catamarans, tubing etc. After wandering the
length of the bay we stopped off at the pub and enjoyed a leisurely lunch
before heading back across to the beach. Although the temperatures were not
as warm as we have had in the Northern Territory I decided that it was still
warm enough to venture into the water. Peter wasn't as keen so I went in on
my own. I was surprised at how quickly the water got very deep and within a
few metres of the shore I was up to my chin in water - I certainly wasn't
going in any deeper.

Between October and April dangerous stingers are found in the waters around
Magnetic Island however there are safe swimming enclosures located at
Horseshoe Bay. Fortunately we were not visiting during the stinger season
so we were not at any risk. There was quite a bit of signage concerning the
stingers and containers of vinegar available which is used as the initial
medical remedy prior to seeking medical attention. Apparently stinger suits
are recommended which are very similar to full body wet suits with an
attached hood and gloves to provide full protection.

Horseshoe Bay is a very popular holiday spot and there was a lot of holiday
accommodation available and plenty of holiday makers were about.

We were impressed with the wheelchair that we saw available for hire - we
thought if only one like this was available in Mt Maunganui we could have
taken Peter's mother in for a swim when she visited last summer. Perhaps we
will have to look further before she comes next time.

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