Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bitter Springs, Northern Territory

Both Peter and I enjoyed floating down with the current at Bitter Springs a
number of times. This distance is only about 150-200 metres and it is
surprising how strong the current is. I used a noodle (I had one however
the caravan park had them available for hire as well as lots of people
choose to use them) as the water was very deep (around ten feet) and I don't
like being in water that I can't touch the bottom.

The water was very clear and we had checked that our camera was waterproof
so we took it in with us. Some girls had said that they had seen turtles
the day before but unfortunately there were not to be seen. Still with the
snorkel and goggles it was really interesting to see beneath the water at
the varying depths and colours of the plants.

After our visit to the springs we stopped in Mataranka to fill with diesel
and for Peter to sample one of the famous Mataranka pies which he gave the
thumbs up. There are only a couple of shops and a service station and the
place with the main activity was the local pub. A lot of the local people
were sitting around in the shade under the trees and there were quite a few
tourists stocking up with fuel etc.

We were then back on Stuart Highway heading south - the roads are long and

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