Monday, September 10, 2012

Meeting Jordan in Townsville

Jordan, who is our nephew, is currently staying on Magnetic Island. He had
flown up from Melbourne to assist with sailing a yacht from Hamilton Island
to Magnetic Island and then to undertake an around the island race, which
they came fourth. The owner of the yacht has now returned to Melbourne and
Jordan is waiting on additional crew members to arrive before they commence
the return trip sailing to Melbourne. It was great to see Jordan waiting to
meet us.

The yacht is moored in the marina adjacent to where the ferry came into. It
was just a two minute walk. It was great to see the yacht. We soon climbed
on board and Jordan was able to it to us. It is very well equipped and
sleeps six people - we were most impressed with the amenities provided.
Jordan is staying on board the yacht while waiting on the other crew members
to arrive.

We haven't seen the yacht with the sails up, but I am sure it looks great.

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