Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free camping at Gin Gin

During our travels around Australia we have taken the opportunity to free
camp where possible. Australia has many such camping areas available to
travellers. Some of these areas have time limits on how long travellers can
stay, others don't. Many have basic facilities such as toilets (either
environmental composting toilets or flush toilets), rubbish bins and
occasionally showers, either hot or cold. These facilities certainly help
the budget and we are lucky that our caravan is set up with toilet and
shower, hot water, gas cooking and fridge and a solar panel which powers our
lights. Many other travellers also rely on these free camping areas.

There is a book published which lists all the free camping, or low cost
camps, and the facilities provided. This is called "Camps 6 Australia" (the
current edition being the sixth print).

During the last week we stayed at a free camping area just north of Gin Gin
in Queensland. There were quite a few other campers set up when we arrived
and it didn't take long for more to arrive. This facility is popular as
there are two blocks of toilet facilities, lots of grass and trees, and a
covered picnic area with tables and seating. We were within walking
distance of the shopping facilities in Gin Gin.

During the evening one of the travellers set up his mini electronic band and
entertained other travellers with his country singing - he was very good and
soon attracted quite a crowd.

Peter was up early and was interested to count that there were fifty seven
groups camping overnight - certainly well patronised.

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