Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meeting up with family in Bundaberg

When we first shifted to Melbourne if anyone asked me what family we have in
Australia I would say that I had one cousin in Bundaberg. During our years
here other family members have shifted to Melbourne and this has been great.

As we travelled towards Bundaberg I contacted my cousin, Elaine and her
husband Arnold, and we were able to meet with them at their home. They have
lived in Bundaberg since 1988 although we have met up a few times in the
intervening years at family functions in New Zealand. It was so good to see

It is hard to believe that we are all over 60 now - boy have the years just
flown. Elaine and I enjoyed reminiscing the years of our childhood when we
saw quite a bit of each other - not so sure Arnold and Peter were that keen
on listening to us!

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