Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crocodile at Tumbling Waters Park, near Berry Springs, NT

The caravan park at Tumbling Waters has lots of trees and palms, and there
is a lagoon and a nearby billabong. We had noticed that the lagoon had a
bridge over it with gates at both ends saying that children were not allowed
to cross the bridge unaccompanied.

One morning as we were walking down to the café at the entrance to the park
a couple of young children were keen to take us over the bridge to show us
the crocodiles. Sure enough there were three crocodiles warming themselves
in the sun. The children were proud of their find.

The café is open in the mornings through to 1 pm and served breakfasts,
light lunches, coffee etc. It then closed until 4 pm when it reopened as a
bar and served dinner. As there are no other shops nearby it was often very
busy even though my photo was taken with no customers in sight.

The outdoor reception area certainly indicated that no rain was expected
during the months that the park was open. With large fans rotating it was
cool under the trees and would have been a nice place to work.

The park offered quite a bit of entertainment for their guests - there was
outdoor cinema while we were there and this was certainly popular and the
café was doing a roaring trade. A market is held each Sunday and park
guests can have a stall to sell their wares. We weren't there on a Sunday
but I was told it was very popular.

We enjoyed this park. Our only disappointment was that the website showed a
rock pool for swimming and we thought this was within the park. However, we
soon found that this was a photo of the rock pool at Berry Springs which is
the public recreation park just a few kilometres down the road and the only
swimming at the caravan park was in the one pool. A little disappointing.

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