Thursday, September 6, 2012

Castle Hill lookout on hill above Townsville

On the rocky hill overlooking Townsville is Castle Hill lookout. There is a
road up to the lookout and this is obviously a popular place for runners as
there were quite a number of people running both up and down. There are a
number of tracks down the hill through Castle Hill Reserve which gives a
variety of routes for the runners to take. We didn't join them - after all
it was really warm and we are not into running. We drove up to the lookout
and then walked from there.

The lookout gives panoramic views of the Townsville area from all
directions. There is an old gun emplacement and shore lookout. This was a
very important bunker and fortifications during World War II. The
Townsville command post was in constant communications with the Port War
Signal Station on Magnetic Island which is just eight kilometres off the
Townsville Coast.

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